Afterwork-Creamy & Tasty (Da Funk's Cherry Acid Dub) Promo Reactions

Promo Reactions:

"Yeeeeeah! 303ís forever baby!
(I actually have 3 TB303ís, so yeah, love it!)"
Lenny Ibizarre (Ibizarre Records, Ibiza)

"Congrats for the release I love it man! The solid
groove guides the listener through the nice deep atmosphere very well.
The 303 line and the crunchy bass bombs are 100% and the whole
sounding makes me remember to some of my all-time-favourites but it's
still fresh. It's more serious and deeper than Afterwork's version
which is why I like yours more although the original is quite nice
too. Takes me back, gets me down, in my bag for sure!"
Bios (Loud Society, Acryl Music)

"Grrrrreat!!! Acid house is back! Full support from amdjs. f&e."
Lena (AMDJS Radio, Saint-Petersburg, Russia)

"Great work mate !
Can you please email me a link to play ?"
DJ Electric (Deepology, Luckystars, Clubstar)

"Like that 303 vibe, please send me link for download."
Bruno From Ibiza (Ibiza Global Radio, Nassau Ibiza, Blue Marlin Ibiza)

"both tracks are very good. my fav is da funk remix with the 303 flavour.
tb is back :-)"
Andy Bach (Young Society Recordings)

"Good!!!! max support!"
Mirko Paoloni (Radio Party Groove, Italia)

"Acidized, moody & deep! Nice cocktail! We'll play it for sure!
Full support from me"
Vincent Inc. (Manuscript Records, Ukraine)

"yes to the 303 action.
ur tune is proper club track. great work"
Matt Aline (Pack Up And Dance)

"Wicked remix Dany! In the box mate"
Bobi (Club FM Radio)

"Outstanding vibes! Slightly tougher than your usual smooth grooves,
love it, this is massive!"
Al Bradley (3 A.M. Recordings, Audiotonic)

"the mix is a little different for you but still very nice.
Love the acid..."
Bamo (Spiritchaser, Guess, Duff Note)

"Nice work on the remix mate!"
Cenzo Scoglio (MidiDropMusic, Glideslope)

"Just heard your creamy & tasty remix and is awesome...
nice rhythm and the acid do the job! Perfect for clubs :)"
Nestora (Acryl Music, Disclosure Project, 2600)

"holy gosh, was ist das für ein krimi !!
ziemliche "drogenmusik" passt richtig zu spanien , lol
9 von 10 Punkten"
Lou Lamar (4 Records, Zurich By House)

"Congrats on the Pacha remix Dany. Your mix sounds BIG!
Particularly liking those aggressive bass stabs. Best of luck with this one!"
Ross Couch (Body Rhythm, One Thirty, Blakkat)