Mustafa-Aqui Se Faz (Da Funk's Redux Vocal) Reactions


Mustafa-Aqui Se Faz Aqui Se Paga (Da Funk's Redux Vocal) Reactions:

'This is really nice ... the vibe is exceptional ... good job'
Q-Burns Abstract Message (Eight Dimension, Slip'N'Slide, Nrk)

'excellent work bro!! you will have my support.'
Joan Ribas (Ibiza Global Radio)

'Very nice deep house track, good melodic rhodes playing, nice rolling feel with the beats and bass,
nice vocal performance (though i have no idea what its saying hehe).
Overall this feels nice and i like it man. Good work.'
Mr. Jones (The Disclosure Project, Exquisite, Night Drive)

'liking this lots. smooth and sexy!'
Adam Jace (Elevation, Plastic City, Thug)

'Really good one Dany ! Thanks for sending.'
Nacho Marco (Loudeast, Freerange, Pacha)

'This is amazing track!!!! More than beautiful deep!!! Each beats of this track is pure pleasure.... I will play it a lot in my immediate gigs!!!'
Lena (AMDJS Radioshow, Saint-Petersburg, Russia)

'Waouuu ...Dany......magnificent Deep Vocal version !'
Christoph Kardek (Atal, Gogo Music, Fiat Lux)

'Excellent Track, nice beats and groove. I love it!!!!!!
DJ Oliver (La Troya, Ibiza)

'Great, nice to hear some proper deep house music.  Definite thumbs up from me. Good work Dany!'
Ross Couch (Body Rhythm, One Thirty, Blakkat)

'Beautifull house music. Thanks, Will play today.'
DJ Electric (Deepology, Luckystars, Clubstar)

'Cool laidback loungy affair, great warmer with a sensual touch. Keep kicking'
Lenny Ibizarre (Ibizarre Records, Café Del Mar, Ibiza)

'Delightful remix mate, been a while since I enjoy some deep house like this :)
top quality work mate'
BP Zulauf (Dirty Basics, Helvetica Recordingz)

'Great,  Summerfeeling 100 %'
Lou Lamar (Zurich By House, Kaufleuten)

'Yo that track is dope! gonna drop it on my radio show next week'
Nick Holder (Nrk, DNH Records, Poker Flat)

'Wonderfull remix mate!! In the box! Also perfect mastered! Good luck with it!!'
Sebastian Davidson (Deepology, Conya, Compost)

'Really like this track very sexy indeed !!!!!!!!'
DJ Ferdinand (Sunrise Music Radio)

'nice groove and bassline. Will play at those christmas parties!'
Bamo (Spiritchaser, Duff Note, Guess)

'Finally someone who is keepimg real House alive!...another top remix from one of my favourite producers..Full support from me on this!'
Bobi (Club FM Radio)

'Thanks, good track'
Ramon Castells (Space Ibiza, Ibiza Sonica)

'Nice and smooth..... could be in a chilled Earnshaw or Spiritchaser set'
Richard Earnshaw (Duff Note, Guess, Spiritchaser)

'thanks man! nice shexy tune for sure!!'
Spin Science (Urban Torque, Cabrio, Seamless)

'very good job!'
Francesco Farfa (Space Ibiza, Ibiza Sonica)

'played it on Ibiza GLOBAL RADIO.. really nice brazilian groove. To be charted next month !!'
Bruno From Ibiza (Café Del Mar Ibiza)

'Wicked stuff Dany, pure deepness thanks ;)'
Mark Lowry (Forensic, Urbantorque, Dutchie, Saw)

'gostoso! nice one dani!'
Henri Kohn (Clubstar, Conya, Little Angel)

'Yo! Very very nice & smooth :)'
Vic (Budai & Vic, I Love Deep, Plastic City)

'The remix of da funk is great. I love the deepness and how he workd with the vocals. Will play and support for sure!'
Andre Kronert (Night Drive Music, 616 Detroit, Ostwind Records, Neurotron)

'I  like this...... on the funkier side of what I would play but its really well done. thanks!'
Paolo Mojo (Renaissance, Oosh, Pryda)

'nice remix... i don't know the original, but your remix its very very cool... i'll play it'
GarcyNoise (Justified Cause, Macarena)

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