Daniel Kyo-Synecdoque (incl. Da Funk Remix) out now!

Daniel Kyo-Synecdoque
01. Synecdoque (Original Mix)
02. Synecdoque (Da Funk's Wayfarer Remix)
03. Synecdoque (Edwin & Ferdy's Remix)
04. Synecdoque (K-Bana's Remix)

Release Info:
The summer keeps heating up, and Ready Mix Records just keeps getting cooler. Sit back and feel the groove as we present our 33rd release, “Synecdoque”.

Listening to Synecdoque, you can almost see the sun setting, warm and distant. A choreography of syncopated bass, dancing synth lines and a touch of spicy percussion set the tone.
Alluring stabs, purring pads and a jazzy, nostalgic piano interlude carry you like the memory of a distant time and place.

The first remix by Switzerland’s Da Funk, begins with a twist of electro-tech-dashed bleeps, while remaining true to the sophisticated flavor of the original.
Layers of multidimensional harmonies weave together, bringing to the conscious mind countless emotions, always supported by a bouncing bassline.

Uber sensual from the first beat, the 2nd remix by Dutch duo Edwin & Ferdy, is practically oozing.
Evocative, spiritual, vocal fragments whisper in your ear. As the track progresses, muted countermelodies settle in your soul.

Deep and funky UK’s K-Bana joins Ready Mix again for the 3rd remix. This version is the most driving of the bunch. As the track begins, a metallic, teasing polyrhythm instantly engages you.
A commanding afro-latin clave pattern, freshly translated on synth, lays a steady foundation from start to finish. This remix jump starts the movement and keeps you energized to the end.

House heads and electronic music lovers will not be disappointed.

Promo Reactions:
"Many thanks for the promo!!! Great release!! The original and Da Funks Mixes will work for me. I will play the tracks next weekend!!"
C&M Productions (True House, Acryl Music, Dutchie)

"All 4 mixes are real cool on this package but the pick for us is the original...full support on all 4 though..... 8/10."
MidiDropMusic (Guess, Loudeast, Acryl Music)

"Excellent! Man what a record!! Thanks :)"
Pete Moss (Dessous, Dutchie)

"All mixes are playable, feeling the Da Funk as my personal pick of the bunch. In the Spiritchaser wallet."
Richard Earnshaw (Spiritchaser, Duff Note, Guess)

"My favourite thing from Daniel in a while, and a really good and diverse set of mixes."
Bamo (Spiritchaser, Duff Note, Guess)

"Cheers for the promo. Really like what you've had coming through recently!!"
Dom Kane (Ascension, Kismet)

"Da Funk & K-bana mixes rock! full support."
DJ Electric (Deepology, Luckystars, Clubstar)

"Fabulous release…Nice deep tech house vibes.
All cuts are great but my favourites are K-bana’s remix and Da Funk. Thanks for sending...
Keep that good work going on!"
Alex V. (Label Manager, Sophisticate Records)

"Again nice package!"
Francesco Pico (Outside The Box, Armada)

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