Groove Department-Mai Thai (Da Funk Remix) Review

Picking up from the last review for Da Funk's Valverde remix of Stitches by Pete Moss, we once again visit another signature remix from Daniel "Da Funk" Kneubühler, this time, for Groove Department's Mai Thai.

Released under Ready Mix Records, the Da Funk's New York, New York Remix is undeniably one of Dany's breakthrough sound to the more straightforward and chic shade of deep house music. To start off, heavy kicks, echoing vocal snippets, and groovy bass-work get the job done, as the dark chord stabs bring the track to a whole new deep dimension. Moreover, this New York, New York remix caters a very body-moving piano build-up that effortlessly raises the track to its limits, leaving its listeners in great ecstatic awe.

Always a pleasure to have Da Funk here on Soundscapes, his tracks always leave us wanting for more! Support this wonderful release alongside the other records from the package!
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