Brother Nick-Back For More (Da Funk & Shik Stylko Remixes) out now!

Promo Reactions:

"thx a lot 4 this delicious release. i like it a lot!!!
best track in my opinion is the da funks remix!!"
Lukas Greenberg (Plastic City, I Love Deep, Acryl Music)

"Full support on the Shik Stylko remix here...nice! Loving Da Funk's square bassline as well...thick and phat :)"
BP Zulauf (Helvetica Recordingz, Dirty Basics)

"Cool package... Da Funk and the Shik Stylko mixes are on top."
Richard Earnshaw (Spiritchaser, Duff Note, Guess)

"Wicked both mixs"
Mark Lowry (Shindig UK, Forensic)

"nice one, thanx for sending. Cool release!"
C-Rock (Motorcitysoul, Freerange, Aus)

"Loving the big synth bass on the Da Funk remix! That makes it my favourite track on the release but the Shik Stylko remix is a good one too.
Best of luck with the release."
Ross Couch (Body Rhythm, One Thirty, Blakkat)

"Da Funk rmx and shik stylko are superb! will be on my sets"
Joan Ribas (Ibiza Global Radio)

"All three mixes are really solid! Will play and support"
Adam Jace (Elevation, Plastic City, Thug)

"Thanks for all the music ,I passed some on to Robert Owens & he like ;-) also
Keep it up..."
K-Alexi (Transmat, DJax Up-Beats, Trax Records)

"nice gear as always, feeling Orig and Da Funk mix here, cool stuff"
Leigh Morgan (Urban Torque)

"i love da funk and shik remix.
da funk's mix is minimal deep this style too:)"
Satoshi Fumi (Outerspace, Klik, Force Tracks)

"shik stylko remix- very good techvoxhouse.
Da Funk's Tronik Dub nice detroit vibe"
Francesco Farfa (Pacha Ibiza, Ibiza Sonica)

"Great f.... release!!!!
Both remixers did a great job.......
but Shik Stylko its my favourite"
Al Velilla (Modern Electrics, Pacha, Acryl Music)

"Incredible release,I love shik stylko and da funk remix!!!
Deep,sexy and grooving cuts!!!Full support!!"
Jesus Gonsev (Troubled Kids, House Café)

"Loving the Da Funk remix here, will play it."
Nacho Marco (Loud East, Freerange, Pacha)

"the da funk mix is my favorite together with the original"
Henri Kohn (Clubstar, Conya)

"Nicely done.... maybe a little too much compression but the Da Funk mix is my favourite for my Spiritchaser wallet!!"
Richard Earnshaw (Spiritchaser, Duff Note, Guess)

"All 3 tracks are great. My favourite is shik stylko remix.
Its huge bigclub thing. Amazing production and huge deepness. Will play it for sure in my peaktime"
Andre Kronert (Session Deluxe, 616 Detroit, Parquet)

Brother Nick-Back For More (Da Funk & Shik Stylko Remixes) on Muak Music out now exclusively at