Da Funk-Roasted out now on Traxx Records

We’re proud to announce that highly sought-after producer Da Funk from Switzerland’s Acryl Music is having his debut on Traxx. After his "Electronic Love" on Pesto LP002 (2.0 - The Next Generation Of Pesto Artists) founds its way into the CD sleeves of countless top DJs from all over, Da Funk returns with another smasher.

"Roasted" is one of the tunes to watch out and it surely is one of this year’s Eivissa staples.

Promo Reactions:

"nice one here...da funk's original is my fave here"
Juan Mejia (Dutchie Music)

"Great Tracks I will play all of them
Thanks for sending them to me! Jon Silva Mix and Mulder Mix are really good."
Sam Ball (Urbantorque, Club Class, i-Fi Music)

"hi my friends,
i love all mixes.beautiful stubs and good vibes.full support!"
Satoshi Fumi (Sequent, Outerspace, Force Tracks)

"Thanks for the promo. Really feeling the original mix here most of all as it's so damn lush. Excellent again from Da Funk and my favourite track of his so far. The remixes are pretty good too with a nice deep and techy vibe going on These should come in very useful to get the floor hopping."
Darran Nugent (Aruba, Elevation Recordings)

"Wicked stuff again, thanks a lot for this....
Really like the orig and the jon silva mix, but can see me playing them all at some point...great stuff
Mark Lowry (Shindig UK, Forensic)

"Solid release! Im really loving all three mixes though id have to say
Jon Silva's is my fav, got a killer oldschool vibe about it. Proud
support from down under."
Adam Jace (Plastic City, Thug, Helvetica)

"Original is so amazing track ! Love that delayed harp, can¥t wait to play it...
Remixes are good, but this time original¥s my favourite."
Nacho Marco (Loudeast, Freerange, Plastic City)

"All very playable mixes, Jon silva's is the stand out one for me,
definite club and radio support from this end."
Raymundo Rodriguez (Ministry Of Sound Radio)

"Thanks for the tracks... Slightly in favor of the Jon Silva mix upon first listens, but will def. be playing all three versions"
DJ Inc. (Tempoatl.com, Proton Radio)

"Support to the Mulder mix here, really nice groove. Mention also goes to the Original, nice deep groovyness!"
BP Zulauf (Helvetica Recordings, Dirty Basics)

"Wicked stuff, the Original & Mulder for me, two great versions."
Al Bradley (3 A.M. Recordings, Audiotonic)

"love the jon silva mix!! Will definitly play!! :)"
Martijn Hofmans (Phonic Funk NL)

"i like jon silva and the mulder version ..
will play both of them fo sure!"
Franck Roger (Real Tone Records)

"thanks! i'll download, listen and respond right away! da funk is a badass! thanks for
the promo!"
Alland Byallo (Nightlight Music)

"Love all mixes ! In my record box for sure!"
DJ Electric (Luckystars, Koala, Deepology)

"Great tracks,thank you for promos!!!"
Vladimir Raketic (Belgrade Soul Direction)

"The original mix is good, but the Jon Silva's Replay is MACDONCULOUS!!! Can't
wait to play."
Oz (United Colours Of House)

"nice package...my favourite "original mix"..really like it 7/10"
Ruben Alvarez (USA)

"thanks for this pack...straight to my set box...original mix hits me better this time...but
i wont miss the others...WELL DONE"
Bobby Deep (Mynt, Acunaboyz Productions)

"Many thanx 4 this release man!!! I love Da Funk's grooves and here we have
another two "break the dancefloor" remixes;-)))"
Nikos Diamantopoulos (Wet Recordings, Klik Records)

"After a long and hard midsummer celebration it was lovely to
find a new Traxx release in my inbox to cure my hangover with.
Da Funk is on a roll at the moment been buying a lot of his latest
releases. Roasted is the best release on Traxx so far and
the original mix is my favorite. Jon Silvas and The Mulder
remix will also get played quality as always. Keep up
the good work."
Andreas Hansson (Stockholm)

"yeeeehaaaaaa...another very nice release from TRAXX !!!
i love the mulder remix very much !!!"
Cooccer (Acryl, Pesto, Traxx)

"your remix to ROASTED is just amazing .......... "
Nikos Ploumis (Safari)

"been playing dany's original for a while now actually.. great stuff!
the remixes are really nice here.. more techy and aimed for the floor!
will be playing all mixes!"
Scope (Urban Torque)

"really like track 2 of the three (Jon Silva's Replay). Tested it at Ministry last Friday
and it was well received. I had a couple of people ask me about it too."
Dave Horne (UK)

"Wow ! .... i dont know what to say hahahaha
This release is simply amazing ! Every single track is definitely
right up my alley. My favorite is going to have to be Mulders rmx. The
drum programming on it is amazing !
All tracks will be getting regular play on my thursday night
residency. Perfect for the summer time as it gets hotter i play even
more dirty =)
Traxx back again with a full on quality techy release"
Vince Lombardi (Durty Records)

I love it dude!"
Randy Seidman (USA)

"thank you for the promo - sorry for the slight delay in getting back to you but have
been laid up sick for a few days
The original mix will work perfect for my saturday residency - lovely warm up house,
like the breakdown and the feel coming back into the track after
The other two mixes being a bit chunkier will again be dropped in the mix
particularly after sunrise - great for the outdoor party/terrace/festival season"
Stuart Adcock (UK)

"great track
going for silvas replay alldoh all trax are nice..
something for the begining of the peak time..
likeit a lot, allready played it =)"
Esteban Nuñez (Stockholm)

"Cheers for the latest Promo But i cant comment an them individualy as i love them
all in there own way...... nice and smooth and deep just the way we like it......
10/10 for the whole package......"
MrCenzo (Midi Drop Music, Guess Records)

"A nice track, i like the Jon Silva mix, will play it in my house-sets, it has that
pumping groove that makes the crowd go nuts! Nice break and build up and as
always the positive groovy Silva vibe!"
Niklas Paus (Stockholm)

"Good for the darker Spiritchaser moments.... "
Richard Earnshaw (Spiritchaser, Guess)

"jon silva's mix for me, nice drive to it
5 days later: actually, the original is really nice, thanks :)"
Tom Morgan (Urban Torque)

"thanks for the promo...I like the original, will play and support..."
Dave Storm (Cabrio, Ceremony)

"my personal favourites are the Original and The
Mulder's remake. Da Funk's stuff is seriously sought after at
Loud!Society so there were no questions or surprises after I pushed
play: the track brought nothing less than I expected - proper quality
deepness with nice chord sounds bouncing along in a decent techy
groove. A bit minimalistic and is not about breaking any boundaries
it's a kind of a track that feels better twice if you close your eyes.
On the other hand The Mulder's remix is a quite good answer to the
original. It emphasizes the minimalism of it and builds up a tough
killer-rubber-shuffle groove which carry you all the way long and
still keeping the whole thing down. No dreaming no closed eyes I smell
a ruthless getdown stuff here (and guys... that Geiger-Müller counter
went crazy in the breakdown adds some spice to the whole thing and I
like it very much :D )"
Bios (Loud!Society, Acryl Music)

"Really love this one and will be
supporting fully. The Jon Silva mix is so bouncy, it reminds me of that early
euro house vibe. The Mulder mix is the bomb, a really great groove.
And Dany's original has a really nice house feel. Will be playing all of these without doubt!
Job well done, best wishes... "
Bamo (Guess Records, Spiritchaser)

"great release, Roasted (Original), very good, bass line push me on the roof "
Dirty Cover (SRB)

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