Da Funk-Liquid Garden E.P. out now!

For Acryl's 24th release Acryl head honcho Da Funk, right back from Ibiza,  delivers the perfect summer soundtrack with his "Liquid Garden E.P." 

Dive into the sea of sounds in "Liquid Garden", swim along with "Sativa" and  rock the beach with Ross Couch's (Body Rhythm, One Thirty, Blakkat)  excellent "Sativa" remix...grab your towel, close your eyes, let yourself go! 
This is pure Summer Madness!

Promo Reactions:

"It's rare to get a n EP with 3 tracks that are all equally good. Will be playing all three. Quality summer goodness!"
Darran Nuggent (Aruba, Elevation Recordings)

"Thanks for this beautifull track Liquid Garden ,  shure will play it, is perfect for the beach"
Sin Plomo (Sa Trinxa, Salinas Ibiza)

" top stuff here once again. Liking all the mixes here and will be supporting this release as always...."
Bamo (Spiritchaser, Guess, Duff Note)

"Thanks for these, they're nice tracks, i think Ross's mix is the only one that i would actually play out though, nice driving, melodic house, i'll be charting it too"
Harold Heath (Urban Torque, Plastic City, Dutchie)

"your music is a very important part of my deep sessions… this is another great track… Ross Couch mix is simply great."
Joan Ribas (Ibiza Global Radio)

"I really like "Liquid Garden" I'll play it so much!"
GarcyNoise (Justified Cause Recorthings)

"massive EP here - can't really make up which one I like best. All  three tunes went straight into my box and I'm sure I'll enjoy playing  for quite some time. Thanks Dany & lotsa success with this luvlee shit!:)"
Jon Silva (Pesto, Plastic City, Klik Records)

"great stuff.. liquid garden is very cool.. i'll defo be playing that one!! ross's remix is excellent also.. full support from me!!"
Scope (Urban Torque, Forensic, Large)

"Nice package, I will pick Liquid Garden of the bunch for its seriously laid back groove here, but Sativa and Ross's remixes are top notch deep down business...summer tunes right here :)"
BP Zulauf (Helvetica Recordingz,  Dirty Basics)

"Ross Couch mix is the one for me I think. Very summery.)"
Shur-I-Kan (Freerange, Winding Road, Physical Graffiti)

"sativa is a perfect summer tune... def our weapon of choice"
C&M Productions (Truehouse, Forensic, Dutchie)

"sweet tunes! Really good summer package. Couch's remix is the one for me here. Full support. Cheers"
Adam Jace (Plastic City, Thug, Helvetica Recordingz)

"super sweet & seductive e.p....like all 3 mixes but if i had to pick one... i really liked Sativa"
Juan Mejia (Dutchie Music)

"Solid house music here, all 3 tracks very playable, Sativa original  mix gets my vote as standout track"
Leigh Morgan (Urban Torque)

"liking Liquid Garden and the Ross Couch remix of Sativa… top notch!"
Richard Earnshaw (Spiritchaser, Duff Note, Guess)

"cool release mate, liquid garden: deep and atmospheric house. some interesting noises going on through out it. sativa: a touch more funky track on the ep, but still keeping deep and atmospheric sativa ross couch remix: ross chunks it up as he always does. and gets all slick on his choice of sounds for the remix. pick of the release...ross' remix"
Mr. Jones (The Disclosure Project, Exquisite Elevation, Nightdrive)

"Congrats again for another amazing release!!!  I love all cuts!Groovin and deep!!!Full support brotha!!"
Jesus Gonsev (Troubled Kids, House Café)

"nice deep tech-houser, thanx for sending it through."
C-Rock (Motorcitysoul, Cocoon, Freerange)

"I really like Liquid Garden and Ross Couch's mix of Sativa and will play out both tracks. Modern house music like it should be - fat analogue sounding basslines, nice chords&melodies and rocking beats."
Elmar Schubert (Satin Souls, Polyphonics, Elektrolux)

"Orig mix of Sativa all the way for me!!! Thanks a lot"
Mark Lowry (Shindig UK, Forensic)

"Again a wicked release, with Ross's remix as fav! Tried and tested  this weekend and WORKS WELL!!"
Sebastian Davidson (Elevation, Compost, Deepology)

"Hi there, Sativa is a good track , Ross Couch  is very good remix!! support."
Francesco Farfa (Pacha Ibiza, Amnesia Ibiza, Privilége Ibiza)

"This is a superb release ... I like the melodies and deep vibe quite a bit. The original Sativa is my pick ... nice progressions and feeling.
Q-Burns Abstract Message (NRK, Eight Dimension, Slip'N'Slide)

"The Ross Couch Mix is my favourite, will char it."
Bruno Form Ibiza (Café Del Mar, Ibiza Sonica)

Now available exclusivly on beatport.com
Available on all other Download-Stores: 08.09.2008