Da Funk-Weekend Rubdown Updated DJ Feedbacks

Da Funk's Weekend Rubdown is getting huge support from big jocks worldwide! Check all the feedbacks here, and don't forget to save your copy!

Da Funk-Weekend Rubdown (Canrio Records)

Funk D'Void - nice ep from Da man!!!

Dana Bergquist - Wicked package! All threee versions work great for me, but I think when it comes to it it's the original that wins the race! Thanks
Stonebridge - Beautiful music - quality!
Grant Nelson - Nice n Sexy....
Bamo - More smooth vibes from Cabrio.... Cheers!
Jevne Miller - Lush - Deep - Sexy! ! this is the best cut I have heard from Da Funk in a while! Love it!  Will have my support this weekend
Dubfire  - downloading thanks
Russell Deeks (iDJ) - Solid stuff as always from Daniel!
Joan Ribas - sounds excellent, have to check louder for the best mix :)
Spencer Broughton - top stuff dave - the original for me.
Chris Girard - I like the orig. Will mix it.
Spin Science - Original for me!
Greg Fenton (M8 Mag) - like the original best - nice bassline !....
Miguel Garji  - fantastic sound,like it. all support on radio and live sesions
Desyn Masiello - im really feelin your new track man - love the vibe and simplicity - which always makes the best soulful music will support this a lot, i can hear this as being an atmospheric part of an epic dj set early on - and ill do my best to make it part of one.
Pete Moss - love it excellent track
Q-Burns Abstract Message - Sounds good ... I like the big key pads, very nice. Cheers for thelisten!
Elmar Schubert - This one's got the 80s written all over it - and I happen to really like the 80s. You just can't go wrong with 808 drums, warm chords and a short Fairlight "ah" sample
Hisham Zahran - weekend rubdown is awesome, well done!
Dibby Dougherty - Soundin great, make sure you pop me my copy ;)
Acos KoolKas - i need this awesome track man
Paul Jones - Nice track mate, gentle groove and nice flow.
Andy Bach - great work, love the 80s flavour, will surely play", mp3 pls
Cem - This is DEEP! Lovely, beautiful and sexy! Full support!
Nestora - Nice deep stuff mate...perfect for the weekend ;) 
Alex V - Congratulations dany... Absolutly lovely!! Really dreamy atmosphere...Puere Deep as is it! Nothing else to say..Just FANTASTIC! 10/10 
Mirko Paoloni - Great Track! Max Support!
Bios - this one is freakin' hot man I'm lovin' it! on my next mix for sure. congratz I think it will be a great selling item. please keep the goodies coming!
Craig Stewart - Excellent material Dany, big up your bad self - beautiful change at 4.55 dude
Christoph Kardek - very good & nice vibe mate !
Delmar Browne - Melodically Astounding In Every Sense From The Dance! 
Amir Groove - Nice Deep Work! as usual! 
Zuat-Zu - Yeeeahh!! Superb!
Replika - this is super duper
DJ Inc - Lovin the "Weekend Rubdown"... will be supporting live & on our show!"

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Da Funk-Weekend Rubdown by Da Funk