April 2008

Cooccer-Art Of Sound (Incl. Remixes) out now!

Acryl Music with it’s 22 release by Germany’s offspring Cooccer. With releases on Pesto, Shayan, Next Dimension Music and a remix for Acryl Music this guy should be a known name to you.

“Art Of Sound” is a deep and techy tune perfect for the morning hours.
Remix duties coming from Da Funk with the excellent “Pop Art Dub” complete in his very original and so much loved trademarkstyle.
Lukas Greenberg (yes, the man behind the fantastic “Rhode Stories” Album on Plastic City) delivers a Tech House monster with crisp beats, fantastic synthwork and wonderfull detroitish pads in his “Berlin Mix”.

Finally Zach DeVincent (Host of the infamous Paradigm Show on Frisky Radio & upcoming producer) stripped things down a bit in his deep yet groovy “Smooth Moves Mix”.

Promo Reactions:

"Some good interpretations of the original in this package, though the mix that holds the ground for me here is the remix by Zach DeVincent, really smooth deepness with nice punch and tight percussive grooves.
Da Funk does the work out as you come to expect from him, pure class as always and Lukas Greenberg's mix has some really nice elements, but over all I hand it over to the DeVincent mix...it does the damage."
BP Zulauf (Helvetica Recordingz, Shove)

"Cheers for the tunes!
Two mixes that I like most.
Lukas Greenberg for playing. Zach De Vincent as a mixer, but there could be a
place for all mixes."
Paul Jones (Disclosure Project, Exqusite Music)

"Yuhuuuuuuuu. Another amazing release from Acryl......
Execelent deep and tech-house bomb!!!! Really like all release. I will
chart them and i will play sureeeeeeeeeeeeee.
My favourites are Original, Da Funk and Zach DaVincent's remixes.
Ernesto Altés (Extremly House Music, S'hort Records, Ibiza Sonica)

"Nice vibes thanks.
Like the Da Funk and Lukas mixes."
Shur-I-Kan (Freerange, Physical Graffiti, Sole Music)

"Great ones!
Love Berlin and Da Funk Mix.
Full support on Ibiza Sonica."
Igor Marijuan (Ibiza Sonica)

"Nice work, will play the Lukas Greenberg mix,
very sexy"
Neil Quigley (Urbantorque)

"Really great my friend!!
Amazin music..full support on my shows for sure!
Jose Maria Ramon (Ibiza Global Radio)

"Many thanks for the promo. Very much digging Lukas' and Zach's
mix, really nice sexy groovy house music, put me down for full support"
Leigh Morgan (Urbantorque, Helvetica Recordingz)

"Thanks a lot for the promo. Really into ALL the mixes of this ep.
Will play a lot."
Nacho Marco (Freerange, Loudeast, Elevation)

"Loving the original mix the best, nice bouncing stuff, will support!"
Spin Science (Urbantorque, Extremly House Music, Cabrio)

"Really liking the Lukas Greenberg mix on this one, will definitely support.
Best of luck with the release."
Ross Couch (Body Rhythm, Seamless, Blacktrax)

"thanx for sending stuffs.
i can't choice when i will play. really deep tech house!!
full support."
Satoshi Fumi (Klik, Outerspace, Force Tracks)

"great release bro..
the Da Funk dub mix is the one for me."
Joan Ribas (Ibiza Global Radio)

"Very good release (again!)
I cannot decide which one to play but particularly Lukas Greenberg's mix is
one step ahead for me."
Subsky (Vivid Trax, Plastic City, Urbantorque)

"Really liking the Zach Devincent remix, will sit great in the
Spiritchaser sets"
Richard Earnshaw (Guess, Duff Note, Shinichi)

"Another winner here, your wicked remix & the stunning Lukas Greenberg mix are the ones for me,
Lukas mix in particular is something pretty special! Played it on Friday & Saturday to great response!"
Al Bradley (3 A.M. Recordings, Audiotonic)

"The tracks are wonderful. It seems you have put your soul into them. On
the whole all your work makes romantic impression. The sounding is very
high quality. Original versions and remixes are good to the same extent.
Thank you for promo.!"
Anton Pivovarov (Nevesomost, Power Hit Radio Russia)

"I like this ep man!! Deep and Tech!!! Quality production
Full support!!"
Jesus Gonsev (House Café, Gotta Keep Faith)

"I Really like track 1, goes straight into my wallet and will be
getting played tonight for sure."
Nathan Boddy (Office Gossip, Winding Road)

"Lukas Greenberg mix is the one for me,
fantastic stuff, will chart and play"
Mark Lowry (Shinding, Movim, Forensic)

"the da funk and lukas's remix are the ones i've been playing.. real
nice deep tech house!!
lovely, lovely, lovely!"
Scope (Urbantorque, Plastic City, Forensic)

"Nice set of tunes
I think the Lukas Greenberg's Berlin Mix is really special ... melodic, dubby, driving ... just the way I like it!"
Q-Burns Abstract Message (Nrk, Slip'N'Slide)

now available exclusively on beatport.com don't sleep!

Spin Science-Bad Magic (Da Funk's Road Less Traveled Dub) out now!

Check out the remix i've done for Spin Science's Bad Magic, released on Cabrio

Promo Reactions:

"Thanks to send me your news
I love evrything you are doing, last references "Never Ever" and "Spin Science"
are a good stuff, pure nu house"
Valentin Huedo (Café Del Mar, Ibiza Sonica)

"Hey Dany,
this sounds so serious, full support!"
Nacho Marco (Freerange, Loudeast, Pacha)

"Cool  stabs n pads, nice funk to it, tight little drums, cool rolling bassline.
should work quite nicely in the deep house arena i think."
Paul Jones (Disclosure Project)

"Wikked deep mix, full support my friend :)"
BP Zulauf (Helv Recz, Dirty Basics)

"Great stuff mate, really like this.
Deep & groovey house vibes.. Will play it out this wknd!"
Scope (Urabntorque, Forensic, Plastic City)

"Thanks mate - lovely deep house :-)"
Anil Chawla (CR2, Kill Brique, Global Underground)

"Hey Dany, thanks for this. Will be supporting as always and look forward
to future productions."
Bamo (Spiritchaser, Guess Records, Duff Note)

"hey dani
check our charts on http://www.truehouse.ch/charts.htm
..needless to say, it’s your version!"
C&M Productions (Forensic, Acryl Music)

"Hey bro, thanks for this, smooth and cool as expected"
Subsky (Vivid Trax, Plastic City, Urbantorque)

"Thnx for the track , wicked as ever. had it on repeat while i was doing the cooking last nite lol.
I’ll play it on monday for sure."
DJ Ferdinand (Sunrise Radio UK)

"Good sound bro!!!Deep and groovin track!!!Sure I will play in my sets
Jesus Gonsev (House Café, Gotta Keep Faith)

"Hi, this is a good, deep one!
Francesco Farfa (Pacha Ibiza, Ibiza Sonica)

"Nice deepness dub, perfect for my deeper sets! thanxx for still deepenin’"
GarcyNoise(Justified Cause)

"i like it...depp, sexy & freaky........mega :-))"
Domenico Carluccio (4 Records)

"this is really cool again, will definitely be using it for early/mid set time, laying down the groove!"
Al Bradley (3 A.M. Recordings, Audiotonic)